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Movehoops Fall Classes Coming Soon

I just finished up a six week beginner series at UC Santa Cruz and I’ll be offering beginner and skill building workshops through the  winter. Please email me if you’d like to take a workshop and I will contact you as soon as a workshop is confirmed!

Phone: 831 566-9952

Come see us at the Lighthouse every Sunday! 4:00pm to SUNSET!


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The San Jose Mercury News reports, “The enthusiastic athletes who gather every Sunday at the famed Lighthouse Point surf spot in Santa Cruz dazzle the crowds with their gravity-defying moves. The surfers also attract attention. But it’s the people on the bluff spinning iridescent plastic hoops around every body part from their necks to their toes — while waves crash behind them and techno music pulsates — who mesmerize spectators with their muscular reinterpretation of what used to be called hula-hooping. The Sunday afternoon gatherings that draw ever-expanding crowds of gawkers are not just for experts in what is now called hooping. Organizer Heather Troy brings extra hoops for children and adults so the crowd can try it.” Full story: San Jose Mercury News.The Santa Cruz Lighthouse Hoopjam featured in the San Jose Mercury News

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Hoopers Feel GREAT!


Many Hoopers new and seasoned have felt supercharged by the experience of Hooping. The rhythm and energy of the hoop on your body stimulates your skin, reaches deep into your muscles for a dynamic massage, engages your core, your limbs, moves your feet and connects you to your now, your bliss and your most beautiful and active being.
You cultivate in hooping your ability to manifest a state of energized well-be-ing, entering into a maximum vibration of optimal health and well-ness. Naturally, because you are supercharged from hooping, you take your feeling great body and start to choose FOODS that also make you FEEL -GOOD! Supercharged meets Superfoods and you begin to connect your food choices into a circle of vibrant nutrients that feed and NUTRIFY your body.

Many professional hoopers have become inspiring educators for this full circle living that similar to a yoga practice, involves a healthy lifestyle.

So who are we as Hoopers? We’re FIT, HEALTHY and VIBRANT- we’re SUPERCHARGED and we FEEL GREAT!

Daniel Wolf in his book Superfoods, recommends nutrifying your body for optimal energy with these great tasting Superfoods all found at our local health food stores!.
A few superfoods to add to a delicious Smoothie to feel GREAT !
Raw Cacoa- ( chocolate- YUM)
Coconut Milk
Nut Milks
Seaweeds- Kelp, Dulse, etc.
Goji Berries
Colorful Fruits and Vegetables!

Keep adding to your hoop practice, building layers of movement and flow that cultivate your FEEL GREAT energy vortex!

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Summer Drop-in Hoop Classes


TIME:  6:00-7:00pm
COST: $10 drop in. Bring a friend or a family member and each class is $15 for two.

LOCATION: Frederick Street Park – 168 Frederick Street, Santa Cruz
Frederick Street Park

Learn double hoop tricks, jumps and spins along with Helix Hooping. Brush up on the basics, fine tune the moves you know but need to practice.  Beginners to Advanced Welcome.
In each class; A HoopOut Warmup, Instruction, Group Exercise, Choreography and Cool Down.

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The Hoopalights Street Performance for Dance Week

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The Hoopalights at the Santa Cruz Rollerderby

We had another great opportunity to gather an amazing group of Hoopers together to dazzle the audience at the Santa Cruz Rollerderby Girls half-time show at the Santa Cruz Civic. A good time was had by all including a very joyful winner of a Movehoops Custom Hoop for crossing the finish line in our Hoop-a-thon Bout that took place on the Rollerderby course.

Next time rollerskating and Hooping!!!

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The Sunday Santa Cruz Hoopjam on West Cliff Drive next to the Lighthouse
Come join us every Sunday ( weather permitting)
TIME: 5:00pm to Sunset
Music and some Hoops provided.  Hoops available for sale.lighthousesatmovehoope1

Come pick up a hoop and dance in the sunset!
A great place to meet other Hoopers, find out about Hoop events and workshops, get some exercise and fresh air- laugh, smile, play and HAVE FUN! All ages welcome!

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Movehoops Hoop Dance Basics Workshop in March


A MOVEHOOPS Hoop Dance Basics Workshop offered SUNDAY, MARCH 22, 2009

Calling all beginners and those looking to workshop core hoop moves.

Join us to learn and refresh all the basics of hoop dance, from waist hooping to leg, arm, and shoulder hooping to hooping off the body and beyond.

Enthusiasm and interest is all that is required for this Hoop Basics Workshop.
In this 1.5-hour class, we will go over all the fundamentals of hoop dance: Hooping on your waist, hips, hands, and legs; hooping on angles; and moving rhythmically (aka dancing) inside the hoop. Hoops provided in class and are available for sale.

Have fun, tone up, and trim down with hoop dance!


TIME: 1:00-2:30pm

REGISTER: Space is limited. Sign up in advance by emailing Heather at MOVEHOOP@GMAIL.COM

COST: $30 or bring a friend and you each pay $20

LOCATION: Santa Cruz Dance Company- 2800 PORTER STREET
SOQUEL, CA 95073

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Hooping for Collective Joy

maryhooping1Hooping for ‘COLLECTIVE JOY!’

These past few months our hooping community has had  special opportunities to take hoop workshops from visiting professional Hoopers- Rich from and Anah from I was overjoyed to see our hoop community come together to share new experiences and techniques. We are a thriving, healthy and vibrant group held together by our love, joy and enthusiasm for hooping. From our hoopjams to our classes, to our hoop makers, to the Del Mar Elementary School who gleefully danced with hoops inspired by their very hip ‘Hooping Principal,’ to the hoop birthday parties and all the special events that have embraced the Hoop’s infectious joy- THANK YOU ALL!

One very special hooper in our midst, Sheila, mentioned a book “Dancing in the Streets: A History of Collective Joy” which confirmed that in our community Hoop dance gatherings we have the opportunity to  experience ‘COLLECTIVE JOY!”
Sheila wrote..
‘The author  (Barbara Ehrenreich) spoke about the lack of gatherings for “collective joy” in our society today.  She discussed how sports events have become one of the only places where people have experiences of being part of a large group and experiencing joy through their enthusiasm and a chance to dance together (i.e.: doing the wave and cheers at events).  The bottom line conclusion was that if we had more people sharing opportunities to dance in groups together (as we used to throughout history), then there would be much less depression floating around’
Let’s keep the hoop spinning in community for ‘collective joy.’