Posted by: movehoops1 | March 8, 2009

Hooping for Collective Joy

maryhooping1Hooping for ‘COLLECTIVE JOY!’

These past few months our hooping community has had  special opportunities to take hoop workshops from visiting professional Hoopers- Rich from and Anah from I was overjoyed to see our hoop community come together to share new experiences and techniques. We are a thriving, healthy and vibrant group held together by our love, joy and enthusiasm for hooping. From our hoopjams to our classes, to our hoop makers, to the Del Mar Elementary School who gleefully danced with hoops inspired by their very hip ‘Hooping Principal,’ to the hoop birthday parties and all the special events that have embraced the Hoop’s infectious joy- THANK YOU ALL!

One very special hooper in our midst, Sheila, mentioned a book “Dancing in the Streets: A History of Collective Joy” which confirmed that in our community Hoop dance gatherings we have the opportunity to  experience ‘COLLECTIVE JOY!”
Sheila wrote..
‘The author  (Barbara Ehrenreich) spoke about the lack of gatherings for “collective joy” in our society today.  She discussed how sports events have become one of the only places where people have experiences of being part of a large group and experiencing joy through their enthusiasm and a chance to dance together (i.e.: doing the wave and cheers at events).  The bottom line conclusion was that if we had more people sharing opportunities to dance in groups together (as we used to throughout history), then there would be much less depression floating around’
Let’s keep the hoop spinning in community for ‘collective joy.’



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