Posted by: movehoops1 | July 6, 2009

Hoopers Feel GREAT!


Many Hoopers new and seasoned have felt supercharged by the experience of Hooping. The rhythm and energy of the hoop on your body stimulates your skin, reaches deep into your muscles for a dynamic massage, engages your core, your limbs, moves your feet and connects you to your now, your bliss and your most beautiful and active being.
You cultivate in hooping your ability to manifest a state of energized well-be-ing, entering into a maximum vibration of optimal health and well-ness. Naturally, because you are supercharged from hooping, you take your feeling great body and start to choose FOODS that also make you FEEL -GOOD! Supercharged meets Superfoods and you begin to connect your food choices into a circle of vibrant nutrients that feed and NUTRIFY your body.

Many professional hoopers have become inspiring educators for this full circle living that similar to a yoga practice, involves a healthy lifestyle.

So who are we as Hoopers? We’re FIT, HEALTHY and VIBRANT- we’re SUPERCHARGED and we FEEL GREAT!

Daniel Wolf in his book Superfoods, recommends nutrifying your body for optimal energy with these great tasting Superfoods all found at our local health food stores!.
A few superfoods to add to a delicious Smoothie to feel GREAT !
Raw Cacoa- ( chocolate- YUM)
Coconut Milk
Nut Milks
Seaweeds- Kelp, Dulse, etc.
Goji Berries
Colorful Fruits and Vegetables!

Keep adding to your hoop practice, building layers of movement and flow that cultivate your FEEL GREAT energy vortex!


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