Movement Bio

heatherlighthouse1Heather’s Movement Bio

Heather’s hoop path began in the middle of a Coconut tree plantation on the tropical island of Jamaica. Here as young girl growing up in a foreign culture she entertained the swinging palms with her hoop dance spending hours spinning in the warm breezes. She knew that here was her magical space and center and it would take many years for the hoop to come full circle and propel her back into the spin.

The dance of the islands was part of her earliest movement memories as she studied African inspired drumming and dance  with the Jamaican National Dance Company in Port Antonio, Jamaica. From her humble roots as a daughter of expatriate artists in a tropical tourist town in the turbulent late 60’s and 70’s, she landed back in Florida and then New Jersey where she took the pre-requisite ballet class and danced in a few high school musicals choreographed by her older sister. Once arriving in California at the beautiful UC Santa Barbara, she studied Cultural Anthropology where she focused on cross-cultural expressions of dance, music and art. From there she worked and traveled and ended up in Santa Cruz. Feeling like a fish out of water, she jumped into the turquoise waters of the UCSC pool and swam in the Masters Swim Program for over 6 years while challenging her body with local triathlons. Through-out her training she balanced the endurance with a daily stretching program that incorporated stability ball stretches, Yamuna body rolling and her own version of Water Yoga. Eventually she went on to get Certified Massage Therapy license from Monterey Peninsula College. For many years she worked as an on and off-site Caterer and Wedding/Event Coordinator. It wasn’t until she took a break to do a Yoga retreat in Hawaii that she came across the new hoops and a mesmerizing hoop dancer. Serendipitously, a friend connected her to a local teacher in Santa Cruz allowing her to finally spin back into her center of passion again, rekindling her love of dance, music and rhythm. Her path now is one of daily hoop practice combined with teaching and spreading the word about the amazing benefits and joys of hoop dance. She wants to inspire you to move into the hoop with MOVEHOOPS!


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